Yoga Peach!

New Schedule!!!!  Tuesdays 6:30-7:45pm, Level 2 Vinyasa Yoga.  Sundays 9:30-10:30am Power Vinyasa. Starts now!!!! (September 26th).  The above classes are taught at Equinox, Columbus Circle location.

Starting October 19th!!!  New Class!!!!!  Wednesdays, 7:30-8:30pm, Level 2/3 Vinyasa Yoga.  Equinox Soho location.

Please come to any class that suits your schedule, and if you need to be my guest just let me know, I would be happy to have you!

This blog entry is devoted to Yoga Peach, another yoga blog out there.  Let me tell you my yoga peach story.  At first I was thinking, most likely as you are, “what is a yoga peach?”  Well, to be quite honest, I am not entirely sure.  I came across the phrase yoga peach because someone with that screen name or screen persona left a lovely comment on this very blog, indicating that she would like to feature one of my photos on her website,  So, like any good internet-savvy (kind of) person, I googled it and found that a yoga peach is a way of describing a way of being, an outlook on life that reflects the wonderful qualities of things we love and enjoy, in this case, peaches.  For this particular yoga peach, she feels an affinity towards the wonderful juiciness, sweetness, extraordinary color, taste, texture and nourishment found in nature, and ascribes those qualities towards her view of yoga, yoga practice, and in turn life as a gift from nature.  At least, thats what I got from it:)  Check it out yourself on

So many of you know that I am not the most computer/technology/”new thing” savvy person out there, and believe me, I realize that as long as I cling to that part of myself I will never be savvy in this arena.  I am ok with this.  For now, suffice to say that I usually picture the computer and internet specifically as having such extraordinary powers as to be only accessible because there is a small man inside the computer, connecting all the wires, delivering the mail, deciphering the codes, etc. Now just to be 100% clear, I don’t really think this, but it helps me to imagine that there is some sort of human element involved in all this technological exchange, lest I get disheartened by the thought of a machine run existence which I am admittedly a consistent participant in.  So – enter yoga peach…as I read this comment by a stranger, someone showing interest in the content of my blog, I contacted her, we exchanged, and poof!  There was my picture as “featured image of the day” on her blog.  This is the magic of technology!  This is what people talk about when they speak of “so-and-so read my blog and…”  I mean, really?  Does that happen?  Yes!  It does!

As you can see from the beginning of this post, I have been fortunate enough to be teaching two new/old classes starting on October.  I say new/old because neither of them is new for me really…the Sunday 9:30am class is just another incarnation of my previous Sunday morning class, except starting 30 min later and with a bit more kick to it:)  The Wednesday night Soho class is a fortunate, bitter sweet take over for my dear teacher Derek Beres, whose absence will be felt not just by me but by many dedicated yogis all over NYC.  All in all I can say for certainty that number one, if that little man is running around inside the computer, he is working overtime and I thank him from the bottom of my heart.  Number two, the wonders of communication, community and generosity of strangers never ceases to amaze me – does it matter what medium it occupies?

I dont have much to add for this post in terms of yoga asanas, breathe techniques, meditation mantras or anatomical alignment updates.  All I can say is that I am extraordinarily pleased with the wonders of life, and this for me always includes yoga on some level.  I hope it does for you as well.  See you in class!

“It is the truth we ourselves speak rather than the treatment we receive that heals us.”  (O. Hobart Mowrer, 1966)

“Things do not change.  We change.” Henry David Thoreau, Walden

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